Project Overview

Orogenic Gold

The Sortekap Prospect is located on the east coast of Greenland, within the Ryberg Project licence package. This prospect represents the first recorded occurrence of gold mineralisation in the metamorphosed basement rocks of east Greenland. Mineralisation in this area is classified at orogenic style, quartz vein hosted. Surface rock-chip samples grade up to 2.7g/t.

Sortekap: Geology

Basement rocks in this location are exposed at surface, dominated mostly by Archaean orthogenisses with lesser supracrustal lenses of: (1) biotite–garnet schist metapelites; (2) metaquartzites and siltstones; (3) metabasic amphibolites; and (4) ultramafic rocks. Gold is hosted in the amphibolites which are considered to be either metavolcanics or metasediments from a largely mafic source region, and have subsequently been dismembered and metamorphosed during a complex deformational history.

Sortekap: Mineralisation

Gold mineralisation is present as free gold, or gold-rich electrum (gold-silver alloy) hosted in quartz veins and associated with disseminated sulphides.

Sortekap: Work Conducted

Surface sampling

Samples collected by the Company grade up to 2.7g/t gold

Geophysical Survey

An Induced Polarisation (IP) survey was conducted in 2020

Hyperspectral Mapping

High-resolution hyperspectral data was acquired in 2020

Sortekap: Logistics

Access to site is via aircraft on an existing airstrip located 2km from the licence area, or ship. Internal movements on site are via helicopter.