Conico Ltd (“Conico ”) is will use its reasonable endeavours to provide effective communication to shareholders and to ensure ready access to material information.


In accordance with the ASX Listing Rules, the Company adheres to the continuous disclosure requirements, and will promptly release to the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”) all material information.
Conico aims to ensure that all information released to the ASX will be posted on the Company’s website as soon as possible after its release as practicable.

 Shareholders may access information in the following methods    

  • ASX Announcements on the ASX website
  • Conico Website
  • General  Meetings

Conico may respond to an individual request, if practicable, bearing in mind that Conico has only limited resources and personnel. No information that is not publicly available will be provided in response to any such request to any individual.



Conico intends at all times to comply with all relevant laws, regulations and rules in respect of the continuous disclosure policy.
The Shareholder Communications Policy complements Conico Ltd Continuous Disclosure Policy. Both policies aim to provide access to company information for all stakeholders.



Conico produces Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual Reports in accordance with the Corporations Act and the ASX Listing Rules which are made available through the ASX website, on Conico ’s website, or otherwise as may be required by the Corporations Act.



Conico will convene Shareholder meetings in accordance with the Corporations Act and the ASX Listing Rules. At any Annual General Meeting held by Conico the Shareholders are entitled to put questions to the Board, Management and Company’s Auditor. The external auditor attends the Annual General Meeting and is available to answer questions about the conduct of the audit and the preparation of the content of the Auditor’s Report.



The Directors may review and modify this policy from time to time as they see fit.