Having worked in Africa for most of my career, being in Greenland for an exploration program with Conico is quite the experience: crisp clear horizons, glaciers, breathtaking mountain peaks and the occasional sighting of the artic fauna, all contribute to make it worthwhile being here. Not least importantly, working in such an interesting geological and underexplored setting opens up a world of possibilities for what can be discovered in our projects.

In preparation for our drilling program, the geological team had the opportunity to do some geological field work to better understand our targets. Walking along the edge of Miki Dyke making geological observations, is not only a wonderful experience of being in contact with nature but allowed us to better understand the geology that we have been studying in preparation before the exploration campaign begun. This has also helped us to decide where to place our drillholes to improve the chances to hit mineralisation.

As for the exploration campaign in general, it is progressing well, thanks to several factors. The weather has been on our side, with clear, sunny days and no fog to slow us down. Conico has a great team, that pushes on the same direction and contributes to keep things advancing smoothly, and after the initial setup, drilling has been progressing as planned, with good quality core to help us collect the information we need. We hope to have interesting news soon!

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